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LSC - Hama Beads

Heres some photos i took of another little hobby of mine that i just started on. Hama bead creations. They are small beads that you place on a peg board and make various things, i decided to make characters from games using sprites i found online. Once you create it on the peg board, you simply cover it with ironing paper and iron it. This then melts them together and makes it solid.

Beads arrived, two boxes of 10'000. "Solid" and "Pastel" colors.

Heres the first thing i made, because i had no ironing paper at this time, i couldn't melt it... its not really a good creation, so i probley won't have anyway.

A Ninja emote was next, i got this from a forum i use. At this point i realised i needed more colors for shading, if you compare the two images, you'll notice the bottom right is in need of dark blue, so....

I ordered more! But while i was waiting for these i had put the beads used to make the ninja back in the box...

...and made this. Its Hawk from Seiken Densetsu 3... but with alternative hair.. this is when i noticed i had ordered the wrong blue.. needed dark blue, so i ordered some more.

Next followed Randi from Secret of Mana.. minus dark blue.

Dark blue (and other colors) arrived! The two on the top left are Glow-in-the-Dark Red and Green.

Corrected Hawks hair, and finished Randi.

Here is Hawk and Randi finaly melted.

Made Purim (right) and Popoi (left center) from Secret of mana to finish of the trio.

Mushroom from Super Mario World made using the Glow-in-the-Dark colors. I had to increase the red and green gamma of the for it to show. Before correction it was a little red blob in the middle.

Next was Link and Zelda from Link to the past.

The next thing i'm making it Ratix from Star Ocean (snes)

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