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LSC - UT2004

Speed runs:
This is a few speed runs i done in UT to see how fast i could capture the flag. Sometimes i used god mode just for testing, then tried without to see if it could be done online.

CTF-Bedrooms][remix (demo4)
CTF-Citadel (demo4)

A few little tricks (i guess) i done in UT.

CTF-Faceclassic - Redeemer Boost (demo4)

Some pictures of the final score i've gotten. Most of them are 1v1 against a friend, but some are on random servers.

vs Grimnir
vs Mordeus - 1
vs Mordeus - 2
vs Niekie - 1
vs Niekie - 2
vs Karhn
Random Server - 1
Random Server - 2
UT Fun - 1
UT Fun - 2

Things that don't quite fall in to other listed sections.

DM-Junkyard - Hidden Penis
A demo4 of me getting a few headshots

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